Get ready for the wines of Cantine del Mare

Preparations are under way for the next wine event at La Taverna.

On Friday evening, the 20th of June, we will gather once again to welcome the wines of Cantine del Mare to the ever growing cellar of La Taverna.

Cantine del Mare is local to Monte di Procida, and has been gaining recognition throughout Italy, Europe and in North America.  The combination or our local soil, climate and geography aid in producing grapes that have the potential to turned into wonderful wines.  Pasquale, the owner of Cantine del Mare, like an alchemist working his magic, transforms those grapes into the elixirs we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy at this next function.

Mariella has hinted that she would be willing to make these “tasting evenings” into reoccurring events if people enjoy them.  From the responses I heard after the last event I think this is a definite possibility!!


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Stuzzicare l’appetito

Literally Stuzzicare means to ‘titillate,’ so the well know Italian phrase “stuzzicare l’appetito” would translate into English as “to whet the appetite.”  Mariella has hinted that she might like to offer her own line of “Stuzzichini,” or small plates – the Italian version of the Spanish “tapas,” and similar to the French “amuse bouche.

I think it’s a great idea!  I can hardly wait!

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Wines that welcome Summer…

A good time was had by all last Friday evening when we were introduced to two new white wines: a Greco di Tufo (classic and crisp) and a Fiano di Avellino (drier, with notes of toasted nut) – both from the Tenuta Matilde Zasso, and both spectacular with seafood and cheeses.

Mariella expertly paired these two wines with a spectacular antipasti spread including tender shrimp, pastry wrapped anchovies, and tangy cheeses.  We tasted, ate, chatted, and tasted some more.

Of course, Peppe kept a ready supply of bruschette coming, which, as those who join me as “A lover of La Taverna” know simply pairs well with whatever wine happens to be available!

After the wonderful antipasti I was certain that, personally, I was finished eating… well, I should have known better!  Mariella asked us to please find a seat, and she served a sumptuous orechietti with mussels, and after that, a selection of dolci.  The pasta allowed the wine to mellow on the palate, and the dolci brought out the slightest honey flavor in the Fiano.

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Please, come in and have a seat!  You’re always welcome at La Taverna dei Sapori!

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